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People Report and Black Box Intelligence "Summer Brand Camp"

People Report and Black Box Intelligence “Summer Brand Camp”

Are you one of the 350 people attending Summer Brand Camp 2013?  If so, consider yourself a very special person.  In an industry filled with millions of  service staff, management teams, operational support, and executives combined, you are one of a few who get to see into what’s next for our industry before everyone else lives it.

I was fortunate enough to attend Summer Brand Camp in 2012 and the second I got back to work, I put my PTO request in for round 2.  The team at People Report and the attendees at Summer Brand Camp made me realize that in a world filled with 7 billion people, our group of 350 may seem small, but it can change the world.  Whether we were flying our freak flags, learning the meaning of Vuja De, helping out at Bryan’s House, or just jamming to Piano Man, there wasn’t one second I didn’t feel like a part of an incredible community.

As I returned home from Summer Brand Camp, I was asked in to a meeting with my President and my General Manager. I had no idea that my self motivation to attend Summer Brand Camp would lead me down a new path in my career.  Every decision we make effects our path in life.  I’m not saying attending Summer Brand Camp will alter your career overnight, but it will change your life. You will hear from speakers you may have never heard of that open your minds to a new way of thinking, you will experience a conference unlike any other, and you will most definitely have a great time! What are you waiting for?  June 4-6 is right around the corner and I promise you don’t want to miss this one.


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Rock N Roll Is Alive

“Rock N Roll is Still Alive”


For all of you out there, like me, who have been questioning whether or not true, non formulaic, raw, emotional rock n roll still exists, I have proof for you that it indeed does exist. I had the pleasure of watching the Foo Fighters at Jazzfest 2012 in New Orleans and walked away with many feeling.  I was excited to finally see a band I had watched for so many years, but never been able to experience live.  I felt blown away by true rock n roll history in front of my face.  Above all, I felt lucky, lucky to see a band that will go into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame at a point in their careers where they are solidly established as one of the best acts in the business, but also at a point where they still have much to prove to fans and to themselves. The Foo fighters are a band that have traveled the world multiple times, walked away with Grammy’s, and have proven to be an amazing rock band capable of longevity in an industry that overs no promise of a single hit, much less a career.  They are amazingly humble and immediately make a connection with the crowd.  You can find a video of “Walk” performed by The Foo Fighters that I recorded at Jazzfest 2012 over on my YouTube channel.

   “The sea of people at the Acura Stage watching The Foo Fighters performance was staggering. The Energy was amazing.  The performance was brilliant.”


If you have never been to a large festival like Jazzfest, Voodoo, or even Rock on the Range, you are sorely missing out on a very unique experience and one that proves Rock N Roll is Still Alive.